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Obama waffling on “Red Line” after Syria uses chemical weapons

WASHINGTON — Red Line, Schmed Line. President Barack Obama continues to weigh, er, waffle on his “red line” regarding Syrian use of chemical weapons on rebel forces.

obama red line cartoon [1]Reuters reports [2] that the U.S. is considering the use of a no-fly zone in Syria, which will mirror the Obama response to the civil war in Libya. NATO and the U.S. successfully imposed a no-fly zone in Libya and led to the quick demise of Libyan dictator Muamar Qaddafi.

The U.S. is also considering sending arms [3] to the Syrian rebels in their fight against the Syrian government regime forces.

Obama had told the American public and international community that the “red line” for Syria is when the Syrian government regime, led by the dictatorial President Bashar al-Assad, would use chemical weapons on the rebel forces. Some intelligence indicate that this has happened as of late and is pushing the U.S. toward some semblance of intervention.

However, when initial reports became public a couple months ago, Obama waffled and decided not to intervene. Israel, on the other hand, went and conducted an air strike [4] on a military facility when they learned of its whereabouts and how it house significant weaponry from Iran. Israel has adamantly stated that it will not enter [5] the civil war.

The proposed no-fly zone would be close to the border of U.S. ally Jordan, surmised several diplomats that spoke to Reuters anonymously. Jordan is housing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and due to the worsening conflict, closed a prominent border crossing [6] with Syria.

The European Union has lifted an arms embargo in the civil war, allowing the West to arm the rebels. Russia, who supports Assad, worries that it will lead to an “arms race [7]“. Iran continues to funnel weapons [8] to Assad and Hezbollah has entered the civil war [9] on the side of Assad.