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WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama admitted that U.S. strikes in Syria may not have worked after all.

Barack ObamaReuters reported that in an interview with CBS Evening News’ Scott Pelley, Obama blamed the two longterm wars that wore out Americans at home and abroad.

The Syrian civil war is now in its third year, has seen at least 140,000 people killed and several million Syrians displaced into neighboring countries. At the time, Obama drew a “red line” with Syria after the government under Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on rebels. But, Obama backed out and reached an agreement with Russia to help dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons. That program will not be completed as the Syrian government has not complied with United Nations investigators.

One of the things that Obama said was:

“It is, I think, a false notion that somehow we were in a position to, through a few selective strikes, prevent the kind of hardship that we’ve seen in Syria…It’s not that it’s not worth it. It’s after a decade of war, you know, the United States has limits…”

“And it’s not clear whether the outcome in fact would have turned out significantly better.”

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