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WASHINGTON — Embattled President Barack Obama said that the upcoming midterm elections will see a good result for his Democratic Party, in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes yesterday.

obama 60 minutesReuters reported Obama’s rosy outlook on the 2014 midterm elections this November, and simply said, “Yes, I do” when asked if he was confident in the Democrats’ ability to retain control of the U.S. Senate.

He lamented how Americans have not felt the positive effects of the economic recovery, and tried to highlight how Americans’ lives are better after having him as president. His approval ratings are close to presidency-lows and many of his Senate allies are in close races against Republican challengers.

Obama claimed, “I can put my record against any leader around the world in terms of digging ourselves out of a terrible, almost unprecedented financial crisis.” He repeated a recent campaigning slogan, trying to echo Ronald Reagan, “Ronald Reagan used to ask the question: ‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?’ In this case, are you better off than you were in six? And the answer is, the country is definitely better off than we were when I came into office.”

But, he said, the American people  “don’t feel it. And the reason they don’t feel it is because incomes and wages are not going up.”

What did Obama suggest? He said that the country should raise the minimum wage, make pay equal between men and women (but not mentioning how his administration does not pay women equally in his White House) and his personal favorite, investing more in American infrastructure.

Obama claimed American voters would agree with him. He said, “Hopefully, they get a chance to hear the argument, because all I’m doing is presenting the facts.”

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