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Obama the Great Divider? Tells GOP He won’t Negotiate

WASHINGTON — The liberal news media continues their role of following the Obama administration, reporting that the Republicans are to blame for the shutdown when U.S. President Barack Obama refuses to negotiate terms with the Republicans.

Barack Obama [1]Reports from theĀ Washington Post [2] said that Obama refused to negotiate with the House Republicans over the government shutdown.

In meeting with the Republicans, Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that they will not back down from full funding of the government with no strings attached. The House Republicans balked and insisted that their approach is best for America, which includes funding certain parts of government while needing concessions from Obama and the Democrats.

Yet, the mainstream media continues to shrill for Obama as his brinkmanship pushes Americans out of the workforce due to the current shutdown and through ObamaCare [3], the latter is one of the most unpopular laws [4] on the books.