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WASHINGTON — No rest for the weary supporter of ObamaCare, because each day it is increasingly unpopular. Now, President Barack Obama has to publicly defend his “disastrous” health care law.

bobby jindal meets obamaReuters reported that Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal criticized Obama over his failure of a health care law, and Obama fired back.

Obama visited the city of New Orleans to pitch another pivot from ObamaCare, his troubled and “disastrous” health care law, to the struggling and stagnant U.S. economy. It quickly descended into a petty play by Obama toward Gov. Jindal after Obama started with another pitch for infrastructure funding.

His unprecedented economic stimulus plan failed to boost the American economy and definitely was not “shovel-ready“.

Obama took a jab at Jindal for not accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid in the state of Louisiana, which he believed would help people gain access to health insurance. But, what Obama did not include was how these Medicaid funds will dry out in a couple of years and leave Louisiana and other states saddled with ballooning Medicaid rolls and payments, as conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation pointed out.

Jindal responded and said his state will not be bullied by Obama:

“We will not allow President Obama to bully Louisiana into accepting an expansion of Obamacare…The dysfunction of the website and the president’s broken promises on being able to keep your health plan are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the problems with this law”.

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