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WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama, struggling with a low approval rating and diminishing political power, has lashed out at American neighbor Canada for its emissions and Keystone XL pipeline.

obama keystone pipelineReuters reports that Obama will again re-evaluate the Keystone XL pipeline, which will go from Canada through the Midwest in states like Nebraska and Oklahoma all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Some say it could provide a boon of jobs and a significant boost to the Midwestern states’ economy.

But, Obama called for Canada to cut its own emissions before he would approve the pipeline. Environmentalists accuse the pipeline of causing more emissions because it is transferring oil sands and has to heat them with steam to make them flow smoothly throughout the pipeline.

This pipeline project is now in its fifth year of limbo and Canada is growing impatient. This, while the U.S. economy is stuttering and stagnating with 7% unemployment rate and surging number of part-time jobs. Many blame ObamaCare, which has led to employers cutting health care benefits and work hours, and other Obamanomics regulations and policies.

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