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WASHINGTON — As President Barack Obama is struggling to maintain control over a spiraling situation, the liberal media continues to ignore the Snowden controversy and the other scandals that have kept the Obama administration on the ropes, so to speak.

obama blue tieReuters is the latest to join in the Obama apologists camp, saying that Obama “jabs” at Russia and China over their involvement in sheltering NSA leaker Edward Snowden from extradition to the U.S.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ignored Obama’s requests for Snowden and is considering giving Snowden political asylum in the country. Hong Kong authorities let Snowden go even when the U.S. has an extradition treaty with the city.

Snowden is also seeking asylum in Ecuador and the U.S. has been rebuffed by that country.

What Reuters fails to mention is how Obama has taken a hands-off approach to the situation. Obama has said he won’t “scramble jets” to track down Snowden and is letting his national security team handle the affair instead of proactively taking control.

Obama also said that he won’t engage Putin or Chinese premier Xi because “I shouldn’t have to”.

The NSA revelations have almost debilitated his presidency as Obama tries to bring gun control, immigration reform and global warming to the forefront of his agenda, but without much result.

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