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Obama scraps age limit on Morning-After Pill

WASHINGTON — Reversing his presidential campaign move to limit the use of the morning-after pill, President Barack Obama has now removed these age limits. Reuters reports [1] that this comes with great and significant criticism.

pro life red tape [2]Obama said that he initially blocked the measure because he had daughters. Apparently, Obama does not have daughters anymore as his rhetoric would have suggested by eliminating the age limit.

The Plan B pill is now available to all women and girls of all ages, when the previous limit that was imposed was 17 years by Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. But, the Obama administration has ignored the ramifications of such a measure, such as sexual promiscuity, sexual abuse and a decrease in important doctor visits with this new-found availability.

Abortion activists support this measure and continue to accuse the pro-life movement and social conservatives of conducting a “war on women”. However, they neglect the facts that sex-selective abortions are used to kill girls in developed countries. The Daily Beast reports [3] the abortion of girls over boys is now causing demographic problems in Asian countries, to the point that sex-selection abortion has led to about 163 million “missing girls” throughout the continent. The American minority population suffers from high abortion rates, and although blacks account for 17% of live births, they account for 36% of abortions (said a study [4] conducted in 2000). In total, it could be 13.8 million aborted minorities since the implementation of Roe vs. Wade, according to the National Right to Life [5] organization.

It underscores the myriad of problems facing the Obama administration, where ObamaCare is forcing religious-affiliated clinics and hospitals to provide emergency contraception and other measures that go against one’s religious beliefs.