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Obama says he needs a “Tech Surge” to save ObamaCare

WASHINGTON — After what the liberal media has called a disastrous launch [1] of ObamaCare, President Barack Obama now needs a “tech surge” to rescue his beleaguered and poor excuse of a health care program.

obama-sebelius-healthcare [2]Reuters reported [3] that Obama terms this rescue effort as a “tech surge”, just as the liberal mainstream media calls the ongoing disaster of a website “glitches [4]“.

This new “tech surge” is another way of saying the Obama administration is looking for programming support to fix their disastrous online website, which is the base of the highly unpopular health care law.

Embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has hired Jeffrey Zients as a short-term management advisor on how to try to fix the error-prone and inadequate ObamaCare websites across the nation. Zients has served in the Office of Management and Budget and will become the chief of the National Economic Council this January.

The only rhetoric that Obama could afford after less than 1% of online visitors enrolled in the exchanges was that ObamaCare is like Apple or Amazon, where consumers can order health care and compare prices. Not much of that has happened because the American people cannot access a faulty website.

For example, zero people in Michigan [5] signed up by last weekend and only 1 signed up in Delaware [6]. The website has been operating since October 1st, a period of 22 days and counting.

Some say the figures the Obama administration is providing, that thousands of Americans have signed up, are fudged because some numbers included illegal immigrants [7] (as in the case of Maryland) and in Illinois, the majority of enrollees were for Medicaid and not ObamaCare [8].