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WASHINGTON — Obama’s preset “red line” has been crossed, but he again refuses to act. He had announced to the world that he would consider the use of chemical weapons as an act of aggression that would push the U.S. into intervening in the two-year-old civil war.

obama israelReuters reports that Obama said he won’t consider using U.S. resources to engage in the Syrian civil war, even after a nasty chemical weapons attack killed civilians, rebel fighters and first responders.

Obama called it a “big event of grave concern”, yet said he would not rush to get America involved in a “very expensive, difficult, costly” civil war. He warned that it could turn Arab sentiment against the U.S., but ignored how his past inaction has led to significant deterioration in his own international approval ratings and perception of the U.S.

Israel felt that their own “red line” was crossed and made a couple of air raids to destroy certain Syrian military targets, yet Obama sits on his hands as events and details unfold.

In calling the civil war “very expensive”, Obama ignored how his billion-dollar economic stimulus in his first term did not move the needle on unemployment figures and how the U.S. government debt hit $16 trillion under his presidency.

A United Nations chemical weapons examination team was invited to Syria already, and now it looks like their hands will be full.

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