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Obama pleads with Congress to pass immigration reform

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, besieged by controversy and scandal the past month, has seen a small political opening: immigration reform.

obama frowning [1]A day after he held a press conference to discuss the Equal Pay Act, to seemingly distract the White House press and national audience from the plethora of scandals, Obama pleaded with Congress to push immigration reform by the end of the summer.

This comes as GOP House Speaker John Boehner said he could see an immigration reform bill passing by the end of the year. But, he mentioned how the House bills are more than adequate, compared to the bill proposed by the Senate. Some said he conceded, but in reality Boehner is pushing for immigration reform similar to what has been proposed in the House regarding border security first, then naturalization or citizenship.

Obama is suffering politically from a bevy of scandals, ranging from Benghazi [2], IRS targeting [3] of Tea Party and conservative groups [4], NSA surveillance [5] of American’s phone records, and the Department of Justice monitoring [6] reporter’s phones.