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WASHINGTON — Catering to his liberal, and somewhat disenchanted base, President Barack Obama pivoted back to the stagnant American economy.

CAP photoReuters reported that Obama spoke at the George Soros-funded, left-wing think tank Center for American Progress yesterday.

After dealing with the widespread dissent and fallout over ObamaCare online enrollment websites, Obama’s team looked for another opportunity to pivot to another issue to draw attention.

In his speech, Obama spoke of helping the middle class through economic reform. He spoke of getting a push for a “growth agenda” during a time of economic stagnation. His last economic plan, the largest stimulus plan in American history, flopped back back in 2009.

ObamaCare has sunk Obama’s job approval ratings to the lowest point during his presidency at 39%. Another poll revealed that voters had buyer’s remorse and would have voted for Mitt Romney, Obama’s Republican opponent last year, because of the problems with ObamaCare.

The broadcast was also webcast on their website.

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