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Obama Pivots from ObamaCare to Pro-Business Policy

WASHINGTON — Facing the “disastrous” rollout [1] of his so-called signature achievement ObamaCare, President Barack Obama conducted another political pivot to another issue.

obama obamacare boston speech [2]Reuters reported [3] that Obama will announce a plan to lure foreign investors to the United States in order to jump start the flagging U.S. economy.

The federal government will now reach into a domain of luring businesses that was primarily the responsibility of states and local governments. Unemployment is struggling at 7% [4] across the nation and Obama has not stimulated the economy as he had promised in the past (i.e. the most expensive stimulus project [5] in American history).

As ObamaCare is failing the American people, with at least 2 million Americans [6] losing their health insurance, hitting the headlines and news cycle, Obama needs yet another pivot and distraction. The media has covered him on Benghazi [7], the IRS-targeting-the-Tea-Party [8] scandal, the NSA scandal [9], his administration’s eavesdropping on foreign leaders [10] (including allies like Germany’s Angela Merkel and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff [11]) and especially the truth about ObamaCare [12].