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WASHINGTON — Chuck Hagel’s replacement in Obama’s cabinet has been named, sources say. It is former deputy defense secretary Ashton B. Carter, who is currently in academia (i.e. higher education).

ashton carter dod

The New York Times reported Carter was Leon Panetta’s no.2 after Panetta resigned last year.

The formal announcement will take place later this week, but it seems Carter’s nomination will be a mere formality. He may have a lot to do (or not do) after his predecessor, Chuck Hagel, was forced to resign on November 24th.

Carter has been in public service before, but has never served in the military. He is a physicist by trade, but while under Panetta he worked as the Department of Defense’s chief weapons buyer and working with canceling weapons programs. He was also in charge of the sequestration cuts.

As the New York Times said:

“Mr. Carter has degrees in physics and medieval history from Yale and a doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford. He has spent the last two years in academia but is widely viewed as a competent manager who would have little trouble in Senate confirmation hearings.”

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