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WASHINGTON — With public support falling and even members of his party begging for a reprieve, President Barack Obama is using social media to defend his unpopular and failing health care law.

Obama-in-White-House-chair-tweet-EastwoodReuters reported that the Obama administration has grown desperate and is using Twitter to counter any negative ObamaCare stories that come out on social media.

But, what Reuters failed to either understand or outline, their social media reach and campaign has fallen flat on its face. Obama’s deputy press secretary Josh Earnest tweeted and blamed insurance companies for dropping insurance coverage, but did not say that ObamaCare is forcing these companies to do so (it’s called something like perverse incentives).

It is laughable that Reuters said the social media campaign the administration’s “most potent and relied-upon weapon”, when this administration official only reached 9,500 followers on Twitter and maybe an additional 164,000. There are hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. and a good majority of them on Twitter, so this is a small blip on the radar screen, so to speak.

Democrats and liberal pundits have called out Obama over his failed health care law, which had only 6 people sign up in the first day on October 1st. Piers Morgan said the President “lied” about his health care law and MSNBC’s Krystal Ball said liberals need to be upset and demand a fix to this law. Democratic senators are wary of the law’s repercussions as 2014 is an election year and up to 16 senators are up for re-election.

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