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WASHINGTON — The Obama indecision continues as protests and violence rage in Egypt, who counted as a U.S. ally under the previous dictator Hosni Mubarak.

obama on the phoneReuters reports that the Obama administration has not officially taken a side in the aftermath of the protests, which emboldened the Egyptian military to depose the Islamist and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

Morsi was also the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist party and organization.

Yet, Obama has not publicly supported any democratic revolution or protests and whose indecision has seemed to benefit the Islamists. During the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran, his non-support most likely led to the brutal repression of the protests by the Iranian regime. His open support for the Islamist rebels in Syria and in Libya would suggest such leanings in certain political circles.

Obama could only push for both sides to talk it out, which availed to nothing as the coup officially took power from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Part of the White House’s official statement said:

“The president condemned the ongoing violence across Egypt and expressed concern over the continued political polarization. He reiterated that the United States is not aligned with, and does not support, any particular Egyptian political party or group”

And, adding insult to injury, Obama is thinking of cutting off the U.S.’s $1.5 billion aid that goes mostly to the Egyptian military. Obama’s camp hints that a military coup that topples a democratically-elected government could negate American financial assistance and military aid.

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