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WASHINGTON — While Obama continues to vacation and play golf in Martha’s Vineyard, his Attorney General Eric Holder has made his way to Ferguson, Missouri after the widespread rioting and protests.

Eric+Holder+Barack+Obama+National+Peace+Officers+wWg4aKlse-IlReuters reported the arrival of Holder into the St. Louis suburb yesterday. Also, they said that the protests, which erupted after a policeman shot and killed a black teenager named Michael Brown, have continued for the past 11 nights.

A video was released last Friday, where Michael Brown was shown robbing a local convenience store and physically accosting a store worker. Other than that, the police has remain tight-lipped on evidence and the media has not accurately reported the timeline of events leading to Brown’s death.

Both sides, supporters of the policeman Darren Wilson and of the teenager Michael Brown, are calling for justice. St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch said, regarding due process and legal processes surrounding this investigation:

“On one side, people are saying you’re rushing to justice, and on the other side, they’re saying you’re dragging this thing out…We’re going to present this as expeditiously as possible, but we are not going to present it in a half-hearted manner.”

Wilson, the police officer involved, has been placed on probation by his supervisors and has since disappeared from public view due to threats and public pressure.

Holder and the U.S. Department of Justice is conducting a parallel investigation of the incident.

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