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WASHINGTON — To try to recover from the bevy of scandals, President Barack Obama has received the resignation of acting IRS chief and commissioner Steven Miller, who has been in this capacity since last November.

irs buildingWhat has been ignored is that Miller most likely was not a part of the IRS scandal, where the IRS singled out Tea Party and conservative groups for intense scrutiny. The illegal actions took place long before Miller’s time started as the IRS commissioner in November, according to Fox News.

The officials that were involved have not been held accountable, such as the IRS division chief for non-exempt organizations Lois Lerner. Lerner’s division is in charge of giving conservative and Tea Party groups the tax-exempt organization approval, but wrongfully dogged these groups instead.

Miller’s resignation does not hold much water either because he was going to leave the IRS within the year anyways. His resignation is effective this June, but not immediately. Talk about government employment at its finest.

This does not ignore the fact that two other scandals are ongoing. Benghazi and the circumstances surrounding the terrorist attacks on the September 11th, 2001 anniversary is still yet to be resolved and the Department of Justice’s wiretapping of Associated Press reporter’s phones is still unresolved.

Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder, in a congressional hearing, denied knowing anything about tapping reporter’s phones.

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