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obamacare rose garden

WASHINGTON — ObamaCare, the highly unpopular health care law passed along partisan lines, has now seen yet another delay until 2015. This move was seen as one to save the Democratic Party in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.

The liberal mainstream media entitled their reactions in the following manner:

  • “Delayed: Obamacare’s employer mandate for small businesses”
  • “Businesses Get More Time on Obamacare Mandate”
  • ABC News: “Small Businesses Get One-Year Reprieve from Obamacare”

This latest delay of an ObamaCare mandate regards businesses between 50 to 99 employees. This mandate, known as the employer mandate, forces businesses to provide health insurance to their workers. But, Americans are still required to get insurance as individuals.

As Fox News reported, businesses are still leery of the health care law and the possible penalty for having too many workers on the rolls. Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso said this delay is “”further evidence that the health care law is hurting the economy.”

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