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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is traveling on a fundraising and speech tour of sorts while his administration suffers in the polls and whose Democratic Party is in disarray.

obama at dreamworksReuters reported that Obama is on a fundraising tour in California while the ObamaCare website continues to fail the American people.

Reuters even titled their article on his tour as, “In Western swing, Obama goes on the offensive over healthcare law”, as if the law can be defended at this current point in time. Obama’s approval ratings have dipped to the lowest point in his two terms at 39% and a recent poll said that a majority of Americans would vote for Mitt Romney today over Obama. And, recent developments show that Obama was briefed about the problems with the website earlier this year, contrary to the impressions he gave the liberal press.

Even one of the shining examples of how ObamaCare worked, Jessie Sanford, found out she could not get cheaper health insurance.

Instead of organizing his administration to get the website working on time, Obama is touring California and Washington state to make stump speeches and criticize Republicans. Many liberals call for a conservative and Republican alternative, which was the “Keep Your Plan” Act. But the liberal media harps on how there was no alternative, again skewing the facts.

Insurance executives criticize Obama for increasing premium prices over his executive delays, and Obama’s “tech surge” has not stopped website problems from happening. Before his current trip out West, Obama and his administration took to Twitter to defend his law.

At the animation studios of DreamWorks, Obama said, “I was talking to some of the studio execs here and I said, ‘You know the rollout of the healthcare marketplace was rough’ … and yet here in California and here across this state, there are thousands of people who are getting healthcare for the first time – for the first time – because of this.”

But, Obama ignored how his ObamaCare law will force at least 14 million Americans off their individual health care plans that they liked and want to keep. Even his fellow Democrats in the Senate want to stop this tide of public resentment toward ObamaCare supporters, in order to save their re-election prospects in 2014. Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, denied that her party is running away from ObamaCare.

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