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WASHINGTON — The liberal human rights group, Human Rights Watch, criticized U.S. President Barack Obama for its oversight of the National Security Agency (NSA) and its extensive surveillance program.

obama nsa speechReuters reported that the group said Obama has not gone far enough or done enough to reform the NSA surveillance program.

In his Friday speech on the NSA, Obama said he banned eavesdropping on foreign leaders and allies and promised he will rein in phone data collection. The Human Rights Watch’s executive director Ken Roth called this a “vague assurance” that mean nothing. He went on to say the following:

“In none of this has there been a recognition that non-Americans outside the United States have a right to the privacy of their communications, that everybody has a right to the privacy of their metadata and that everybody has a right not to have their electronic communications scooped up into a government computer”

Roth went onto say that there was little proof that this mass surveillance actually helped stop national security threats and said the current approach, “…makes no sense whatsoever”. 

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