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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama continued to pass the buck, and blame, on the ramifications of his disastrous health care law. The law, whose official name is the Affordable Care Act but is better known as ObamaCare, has led to at least 2 million Americans losing their health insurance plans.

obama obamacare boston speechReuters reported that Obama spoke in Boston, Massachusetts the same day that his Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified before Congress.

Obama’s approval ratings hit a new low, as a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll indicated yesterday. His approval rating has dropped to 42% and his disapproval rating rose to 51% (and tied a previous high disapproval rating).

Sebelius was called by the House Energy and Commerce Committee to testify about the disastrous launch of the health care law enrollment website, Republicans and Democrats took turns to task and grill the HHS Secretary for about three hours.

Obama blasted insurance companies for eliminating health insurance plans and call them a “bad apple” for doing so. Insurance executives, according to unnamed CNN sources, said the White House has pressured them to keep quiet over potential problems of ObamaCare. Yet, Obama blamed insurance companies for dropping plans, which is what ObamaCare requires them to do if it does not meet certain government standards under the law.┬áThere is a “grandfathered” clause in the law, but it is very narrow and very few plans satisfy this requirement.

The casualties of ObamaCare? 300,000 Floridians lost their health insurance plans, 800,000 in New Jersey, 279,000 in California and 140,000 in Michigan. All in all, CBS reported that at least 2 million Americans have lost their health care plans. What did Obama have to say about this?

“Just shop around in the new marketplace…You’re going to get a better deal,” he insisted. He went on to say that these “bad apple insurers had free rein every single year to limit the care that you received, or used minor pre-existing conditions to jack up your premiums, or bill you into bankruptcy”.

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