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WASHINGTON — Pres. Barack Obama has now tightened the noose around American national security, appointing beleaguered U.N. ambassador Susan Rice as his national security adviser. She replaces Tom Donilon, who resigned.

Obama Names Susan Rice To National Security Advisor PostRice was the focus of the Benghazi maelstrom, where she went on Sunday television news circuit and said that the Benghazi attacks on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 were caused by an amateur video. That is now known to be false and something put out by the Obama administration.

Hillary Clinton was also a part of this scandal and has since left her office as Secretary of State, replaced by John Kerry. Susan Rice was nominated to replace Hillary, but after public backlash, Rice withdrew and Kerry was nominated to succeed Clinton.

Obama named Samantha Powers, a Harvard academic and expert on genocide, to replace Rice as the U.N. ambassador.

Conservatives joke that Susan Rice’s appointment means that she will go on television and claim videos cause further unrest in the future, among other things.

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