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Obama announces Sweeping Climate Change Rules with the Pen

WASHINGTON — While news stations and the American public are concerned about the implications of swapping five Taliban terrorists for a potential traitor in Bowe Bergdahl, the Obama administration has put global warming restrictions on center stage.

20140120_No_Coal_capitol_climate_small [1]Reuters reported [2] that the new regulations will curb the emission of greenhouse gases in the U.S., while China and India continue unchecked. However, China ranks second behind the U.S. in emissions, but does not plan on cutting their emissions [3] anytime soon.

The new rules will probably face a friendly appeals court, which is stacked with pro-Obama judges over the course of his presidency. There are 11 judges, seven of whom were appointed by Democrats and four by Republicans. Four of the seven appointees by Democrats occurred over the past 13 months.

The regulations focus on reducing emissions by 30% under the Clean Air Act, and focuses on existing coal power plants. It will face steep opposition in the states with a heavy coal industry presence, and could put several incumbent Democrat politicians at stake during this year’s re-election cycle.

Obama’s war on coal [4], as his opponents call his regulatory push, is crippling U.S. power and electricity as well as the coal industry. Now several states are looking to try to stop the rules [5] from going into effect.