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WASHINGTON — The Obama administration keeps on trying to save their “disastrous” health care law, known by many as ObamaCare but is officially known as the Affordable Care Act. Now, instead of confirming delays in the law’s key mandates, liberal media outlets like Reuters are calling it an extension.

sebelius podiumReuters reported that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius denied that the most recent mandate delay and Reuters inferred that this was merely an extension of the health care law.

The individual mandate is the newest delay of ObamaCare mandates, which meants there will be a penalty for individuals who cannot find health care coverage in the ObamaCare health care exchanges. Sebelius said, in the House Ways and Means Committee hearing this past week, that there will be no more delays and that uninsured Americans will have to pay up.

How did Secretary Sebelius respond to a question about whether there will be another delay? “No, sir.”

The deadline for enrolling in new individual health care plans is on March 31st.

Reuters did note that the penalty can be steep for American families. For not having health care coverage, it will cost $95 per adult or about 1% of family income for this year. In 2016, it could cost $695 per adult or 2.5% of family income.

Sebelius claimed that 4.2 million Americans have enrolled in ObamaCare health care exchanges as of March 1st, but said that her department does not track how many of the enrollments have paid for their plans. Politico reported the Health and Human Services Secretary told Republican congressman Tom Price (R-Georgia), “I can’t tell you because I don’t know that.”

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted that the enrollments would reach maybe 6 million people, a far cry from earlier estimates of 7 million.

Sebelius could only say:

“Success looks like millions of people with affordable health coverage, which we will have by the end of March in the private marketplace, in Medicaid, young adults on their family plans…”

“We will have, I think, a successful plan. We have a market. We have competition.”

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