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WASHINGTON — Pakistan, which is suffering from significant and dangerous internal strife, is facing off against archrival India over Kashmir.

kashmir riotsReuters reports that the disputed province of Kashmir is the new focal point of impending violence. Five Indian soldiers were killed and ambushed along the Pakistan-India border in the province and set off a wave of fights and skirmishes between the countries.

On August 6, Pakistani soldiers ambushed and killed the  Indian soldiers close to the Line of Control, which is more like a demarcation line similar to the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) between the Koreas. India blamed Pakistan and Pakistan has denied involvement.

This is the first type of armed confrontation since 2003, when the latest cease-fire was signed. It is a big issue because both countries have nuclear arms and some worry that it could escalate to nuclear arms use.

Kashmir has been disputed since 1948, and both claim the entire region. China managed to take a part of the region at one point, but there have been two wars between the neighbors.

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