Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — North Korea has put its military on high alert again, in another chest-thumping move that is supposed to provoke its democratic neighbor South Korea and its major ally, the U.S.

North Korea RallyReuters reported that American and South Korean are skeptical about North Korea’s reasoning and motivations and have called it another pattern and cycle in a history of such.

All the hostile rhetoric is to “show a front” of resilience and toughness against its longtime foes, but usually resorts to nothing except increased hostility and temporary military build-up. But, the last military conflict was when North Korea surprised the South and bombarded an island installation, killing military personnel and forcing the evacuation of civilians.

That near-conflict was a way of the North Korean regime shoring up internal support for its new dictator, Kim Jong-Un.

It also does not help that North Korea is holding an American citizen, Kenneth Bae, hostage and has rebuffed efforts to free him by diplomatic means.

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