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WASHINGTON — North Korean defectors typically remain silent and away from public limelight, with a significant few that remain in the public eye.

north korean defectorNow, Reuters reports that a new and rising generation of North Korean defectors are going into detail and expose many of the North Korean regime’s abuses.

It seems that they no longer fear the public eye and scrutiny, after many generations of defectors lived out their lives in relative obscurity and peace. One of the new generations of North Korean defectors, Hyeonseo Lee, has made it a goal to be a vocal critic of North Korea, which is led by the dictatorial Kim Jong-Un.

At a rally in the South Korean capital city of Seoul, Lee said that he plans “to speak out as much as possible”. Reuters says that he “wowed the audience” at 2013’s TED Conference, where it acts as an international forum for people to promote their ideas to a general audience.

She had escaped North Korea, hiding in China for years until making her way to South Korea.

Time will tell whether these outspoken critics of North Korea will make an effect and put pressure on the young Kim Jong-Un regime, which has recently passed its one-year anniversary. Yet, North Korea continues to be a thorn in China’s side, nearly creating a World War Three of sorts until it backtracked on its rhetoric.

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