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WASHINGTON — Turkey, seeing membership no longer in the near future, is rethinking its future as allies of the West and particularly, the European Union.

turkey protester with flagReuters reported that Turkey, which has longed for membership in the European Union, is reconsidering its application to the European body.

The most likely members of the EU are those in the Balkans, even with Turkey having precedence in applying to join the EU body. The main reasons that prevent Turkey’s entrance is allowing a mostly Muslim country entrance and almost free entry into the economic and security bloc and the economic ramifications with a large Turkish poor that could migrate in droves.

Turkish ambassador to the EU, Selim Yenel, said, “I guess that nobody wants to say that we are not going to continue with the accession process, neither the EU nor Turkey”. He went on to say:

“But there will be one day in which we will have to decide on what to do about it, because this is going nowhere.”

Polls of EU membership among Turks has fallen since 2004 from 73% to 44% this year, conducted by the German Marshall Fund.

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