Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The New York mayoral race could be over before it even finished, said the liberal media and their trusted polling. But, this is no surprise as New York City’s history is full of liberal, pro-tax mayors running the city for decades.

bill_deblasio_ap_imgReuters became the latest news agency to push the rhetoric that the Republicans have no shot in competing for the mayoral race. New York is very blue (liberal and Democrat-leaning), so any GOP candidate faced a steep disadvantage.

Joe Lhota, the Republican nominee and candidate for the mayoral race, faced an uphill climb from day one. The recent poll, conducted by NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist, showed that he polled 24% compared to socialist Bill de Blasio’s 65%.

Bill de Blasio, as we at AIM reported on multiple occasions, is a socialist that will push wealth redistribution policies that could cripple the Big Apple.

Still, this does not rationalize how the liberal media concluded that the race is already over before Election Day. Some posited the same thing during the 2000 presidential race (which came down to a Supreme Court decision on ballots being counted).

We know how that turned out as the media’s favorite candidate, Al Gore, lost to George W. Bush.

Let the elections work their magic and the voice of the people decide, but the media cannot count out elections before a single vote is counted.

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