Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Millions of Egyptians went to the streets to protest and demonstrate against the Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood-ran government led by Mohammed Morsi.

anti morsi tahrir squareReuters and other news outlets reported that Tahrir Square, which was the site of the Arab Spring Revolution and led to the toppling of the Mubarak regime, was flooded with protesters.

Photos taken of the square and its surrounding showed that there were crowds in the streets around the square as the square was packed with protesters.

Protesters demanded that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi resign and call for early elections, but Morsi has not backed down. He has denounced the Egyptian opposition as Egypt’s “enemies” and has tried to save face.

The Muslim Brotherhood-ran government has overseen a porous and weakening economy, which requires a significant, billions of dollars in bailout funds from the International Monetary Fund, and whose government has repressed and imprisoned independent, pro-democractic bloggers.

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