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WASHINGTON — Microsoft’s newest gaming console platform, Xbox One, will go to China sooner rather than later.

xbox oneReuters reported that the much-anticipated games console will debut in China on September 29th, 2014. It is the first launch since the end of a 14-year ban on foreign gaming consoles, which ban was lifted this year.

The launch was originally set for September 23rd, but Microsoft did not comment on why there was a delay. But, it illustrates the setbacks that Microsoft has endured in trying to launch in China, where the company is being investigated for anti-trust violations due to the company’s famous Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.

In China, Xbox One will cost 3,699 yuan (or equivalent to $602.76) without the Kinect device (which captures motion), while it would cost 4,299 yuan (or $700.53) with the Kinect device.

China is a huge market for Microsoft, being the third-largest gaming market that saw $14 billion in revenues in 2013.

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