Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Online gaming is a growing industry, and one that Microsoft and its Xbox console wants to eventually dominate. Reuters reports that the launch of their new Xbox One could change the online gaming industry.

xbox displayIt has been 8 years since the last version was announced, Xbox 360, and Microsoft aims to keep its foot in the door of the $65 billion-per-year computer gaming industry.

However, other gaming consoles are trying to shift the industry, with examples like Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 and Wii U by Nintendo Co. Ltd.

Microsoft is trying something new, where their newest Xbox model Xbox One will become the center and hub of a family’s entertainment center. Online play is still important and a growing trend, but Microsoft wants to throw its gamers and competitors into a new gaming world.

Online gaming has shifted to mobile devices, but Microsoft’s newest Xbox One console could change all that.

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