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WASHINGTON — It looks like German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be in power longer than previously expected, at least that is what the polls indicate.

angela merkel smileReuters reports that her center-right coalition has enough support to keep a majority in German parliament in the upcoming September elections. This is remarkable because it is the first time the coalition has had a lead in the polls in 4 years.

The center-right coalition, led by Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and is combined with the Free Democrats, is leading the Social Democrats and other left-leaning parties at a narrow 47-46 margin.

Germany continues to buoy the European Union and Germans are increasingly tired of providing the financial backing and aid. German investors’ confidence dipped because of persistent economic woes among struggling E.U. members. German’s trade numbers last month had analysts worried about the near future for the German economy. Germany, as most analysts argue, cannot hold up the struggling euro and eurozone forever.

Reuters even accused Germans of being proud Germans at one point this past year.

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