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Media Tries to Sell ObamaCare Enrollment Boost

WASHINGTON — The mainstream liberal media continues to harp for President Barack Obama’s disastrous health care law [1], ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act.

obamacare rose garden [2]The Washington Post’s front page article on Saturday that highlighted recent gains in enrollment [3]. But, the headline ignored the fact that the administration will not reach its goal of enrollment of 7 million by March 2014. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz even claimed enrollment was up 100% [4], but he misread the numbers entirely.

For example, only 106,000 enrolled [5] between October 1st and early November. Obama even had to sell short his own health care law and admitted enrollment will be low [6].

Now the Obama administration is unilaterally delaying deadlines to stop any repercussions at the ballot box for the Democratic Party come midterm elections in November 2015. A recent poll said that Americans would vote for Mitt Romney [7] over Obama if the vote were taken last week, and if Obama told the truth about his health care law.

And, if young people fail to sign up and enroll, then the entire law and cost payment structure will collapse.

ObamaCare relies on young people to shoulder the burden of costs for providing all-inclusive (and at times unnecessary) health insurance coverage. Men and older women, for example, have to pay for maternity coverage.