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WASHINGTON — Weeks after the partial government shutdown, where non-essential federal workers are on furlough (but will receive back pay), the liberal mainstream media has caused a stir in the nation’s capital and throughout the States over the impending default and debt ceiling crises.

obama_2688369bWithout telling the complete story, the liberal media continues to spin the partial government shutdown and impending debt ceiling against conservatives and Republicans.

Who is now the target of the liberal media’s ire? The Tea Party conservatives and of course, the Republican party.

But, no blame is thrown at President Barack Obama or Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who both have refused to negotiate with the House Republicans or Republicans in the Senate. The Democrats continue to reject efforts to fund the government and the parks, which are closed even if they are privately funded.

Instead, the media criticizes Ted Cruz, who took the banner of the Tea Party position to defund and repeal ObamaCare in exchange for funding the federal government. Just recently, CNN’s Candy Crowley, who infamously and erroneously defended Barack Obama from Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential debates, asked Rand Paul whether Ted Cruz is a leader in the GOP. To which, Paul responded that they already have designated leaders in the Senate and avoided answering a loaded question.

As October 17th approaches, which is the date set by the Obama administration where the government will “default” and supposedly will not pay its debts, the media is in a frenzy and in a finger-pointing war. But, journalist Katie Pavlich determined that the U.S. will not default and will pay its debts based on statements of the credit ratings agency Moody’s.

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