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Media Covers GOP Congressman Grimm, Silent on Leland Yee

WASHINGTON — There is a large difference between coverage of indicted gun-running California Democratic state senator Leland Yee and the now-indicted New York Republican congressman Michael Grimm.

20140328_lelandyeeLarge [1]Reuters reported [2] that Grimm was indicted this past week on fraud charges for underreporting wages to illegal immigrant workers, paid in cash, and for hiding up to $1 million in gross profit as well as lying to FBI investigators in 2013.

Grimm faces up to 20 years in prison, made worse by the fact that he was a former Marine, championed his armed services experience, and had worked for the FBI. The charges revolve around a restaurant he partially owned for a couple of years called Healthalicious.

Yet, Leland Yee is relatively unknown in the national news media, with only the Sacramento Bee [3] and San Francisco Gate [4] documenting his case. Yee has been indicted on running guns in San Francisco in return for cash. The most recent articles regarding Yee, at least from national news services, was CNN’s April 9th article [5]. The local California papers are the only ones covering the story, other than the conservative news site Twitchy [6].

What’s even more embarrassing for Yee is that his campaign voter guide went out this past week, talking about how he will fight corruption in government, as Twitchy reported [6].

Although the profile of the two politicians are different, with one state-level senator being indicted on gun running and the other a congressman at the national level, it is disturbing how wide the gap is in news coverage.