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WASHINGTON — The liberal mainstream media continues to ignore the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas and their actions in Gaza, instead focusing on how Israel has killed 500 civilians in the ongoing conflict.

Israel-tanks_2973470bReuters’ latest headline was, “Gaza death toll tops 500 as U.S. steps up ceasefire efforts,” with no mention of Israeli humanitarian aid to the Hamas-run region and the number of rockets that Hamas launched into Israel.

No mention is made of how Israel dropped leaflets into Gaza before their ground invasion to destroy and demolish tunnels underneath the region, and the media mostly ignored how Hamas knocked out a power station in Israel that had supplied power to Gaza.

Up to 500 people have been killed so far in Gaza and at least 13 Israeli soldiers were killed by Hamas militants in the two-week conflict. Israel had called for several cease-fires, but each were rebuffed and violated by Hamas.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was caught on an open microphone during a break in an interview with Fox News, sarcastically saying that the Israeli operation was “a hell of a pinpoint operation.”

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