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WASHINGTON — The liberal mainstream media and the Obama administration continues to undermine the Egyptian military, much to the detriment of future Egyptian stability.

egypt muslim brotherhood protestsReuters reports that Muslim Brotherhood supporters and protesters “stood their ground” when Egyptian security forces pushed back pro-Morsi protests this past week. The international community condemned the military, while not checking whether the military or security forces instigated the violence nor if they actually fired on protesters to start with.

Muslim Brotherhood accused the military of shooting to kill, while the military said they were not the ones who shot the protesters. The media also forgot how the Muslim Brotherhood had imprisoned pro-democracy bloggers, pushed through an Islamist constitution with a majority in the country’s parliament, mishandled the Egyptian economy and had started to make closer ties with Iran.

Human Events investigated the viral videos of pro-Morsi supporters getting shot and concluded that pro-Morsi supporters shot each other to frame the military and security forces. Front Page Magazine also reported the same, but no corrections were made on part of the liberal mainstream media.

President Obama had initially agreed to send F-16 fighter jets to Egypt during the unrest, while the Muslim Brotherhood and its president Mohammed Morsi were in power. Now that Morsi had been deposed by the military and the military is keeping peace in Egypt, the Obama administration has rescinded the agreement and will hold onto the additional F-16 fighter jets.

They continue to say the U.S. is not aligned with either Egyptian “faction”.

Apparently it is not the first time that Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood have used this tactic, and unfortunately, only one side of the story is being told.

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