Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — McDonald’s, a popular fast-food restaurant chain, as seen its earnings drop this past quarter. It has analysts worried, as the company saw fewer customers go to their restaurants.

mcdonalds mealReuters reported that revenue has been falling for the past five quarters, which has been caused by surging rivals Wendy’s and Burger King, operational missteps and just weak demand for fast food.

CEO Don Thompson had tweaked the restaurant menu and changed management, but nothing has been a quick fix. Analysts said that investors are impatient, but will give Thompson a little more time to turn around the company. Thompson became McDonald’s CEO on July 1, 2012.

Some people said that McDonald’s “over-complicated” their menus with adding fruit as sides. But, the company went forward and announced that they will allow individual customization of sandwiches, more breakfast and coffee menus and service and marketing on mobile phones and other electronic devices.

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