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Mary Landrieu replaces Manager, Washington Post says Not to Worry

WASHINGTON — Embattled Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu fired her campaign manager less than a month before Election Day, fueling doubts about her re-election chances. But, don’t worry, the Washington Post wrote a piece [1] saying that replacing campaign managers is not a big issue.

mary landrieu [2]The piece, entitled, “Mary Landrieu just replaced her campaign manager. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll lose.” In their analysis, the Washington Post noted how, for Senate candidates, that 3 of 4 ended up winning election after firing their campaign manager.

But, it glossed over the fact that between the House and Senate, only one-third of candidates won after replacing their manager late in the campaign cycle. Thirty-eight percent (or 3 out of 8 candidates) won election after replacing their campaign manager in October, which was referred to as “surprisingly mixed” results.

In the end, theĀ Washington Post neglected to settle the issue of optics in the campaign field and how Landrieu’s poll numbers show she’s struggling against Republican challenger Bill Cassidy. According to RealClearPolitics poll averages [3], Cassidy is beating Landrieu by over 5 percentage points.