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WASHINGTON — The unrest and division within Libya may come to blows between rebel militia and government-affiliated militia forces.

LIBYA-POLITICS-UNREST-KADHAFIReuters reported that the Libyan parliament has ordered a special force to be deployed within a week to “liberate” port cities held by rebel militia. The eastern port cities have led to a virtual freeze on oil shipments.

Three ports are under control by rebel forces and are preparing to fight back against any government-led attack. But, government forces were able to take control of an oil tanker in the rebel-held Es Sider port, which had crude oil worth some $30 million.

The oil tanker was flying a North Korean flag and was undamaged, being escorted to the safer western parts of Libya. The conflict between rebels and the government have led to low oil revenue, if at all, which only inhibits the ability of the government to have a stable budget.

The country has been unstable since the Western-supported ouster of former Libyan dictator Muamar Qaddafi. The country was host to an attack on a U.S. consulate in the city of Benghazi, where four Americans (including the American ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens) were killed. The American media continues to cover up the scandal.

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