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WASHINGTON — Lebanon’s primary Sunni Muslim political party is begging the Lebanese presidency to prevent the entire state from collapsing altogether with the current Syrian civil war threatening to destabilize it.

LEBANON-HEZBOLLAH-PARADE-ASHURAReuters reports that the Future Movement and ex-Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, which is a part of the “March 14” coalition to stop Syrian influence within Lebanon, is calling for Lebanese President Michel Suleiman “to stop the state’s collapse and give the Lebanese hope.”

Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Islamist militant organization, is fighting on the side of the Syrian government regime led by Bashar al-Assad and suffered heavy losses in the border city of Qusair. Qusair was taken by the government and Hezbollah forces, but still face an uphill battle to regain places like Aleppo from rebel forces.

Hezbollah killed a Lebanese protester when a group of protesters demonstrated outside the Iranian embassy in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut and dispersed the protesters.

Russia continues to back the Assad regime as does Iran, but the recent end of the European Union arms embargo has led to Russian fears of an arms race in the region as France, Britain and the U.S. supply arms to rebels.

The United Nations has also reported that the Syrian civil war has taken up to 93,000 lives during its two-year duration.

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