Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The struggling U.S. economy stumbles along, but the liberal media refuses to see it as such. On the heels of praising Obama as putting the “African in the American”, Reuters follows up with a cheery economic analysis.

unemployment headlinesIn their article titled, “Layoffs rise in June, but first half of year improves“, Reuters tells readers that even though Americans are getting laid off and are out of work, the overall economy is doing well.

Their reasoning is that even with an increase in layoffs in computer and education sectors of the American economy, “the pace of downsizing” (or layoffs and firings) somehow “improved overall”. The planned job cuts increased 8.2% between May and June, rising to 39,372 from 36,398. Compared to last year, layoffs are up 4.8% this June.

The computer sector cut 10,133 workers and education cut 5,629 jobs. Reuters goes onto talk about the sequester and how the defense and aerospace sectors “have lost 4,366 jobs related to the sequestrations”, when Obama said it was be far more catastrophic than it was (which the Heritage Foundation noted in their blog).

But, he never blamed himself for the sequestration, which he proposed as a part of the supercommittee budget cuts effort several years ago.

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