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WASHINGTON — Mary Landrieu, the embattled Democratic Louisiana U.S. Senator, is trying to rally enough votes to pass a bill to build the Keystone XL pipeline. She is currently in a tough run-off election race against Republican challenger Bill Cassidy.

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Fox News reported she is sitting at 59 votes, when she needs 60 to sign the bill and send to President Barack Obama to sign. Obama has indicated he might veto the bill, after delaying the construction of the pipeline during his presidency.

It may not be enough to save Landrieu’s re-election chances, as a recent internal poll indicated Landrieu is down 16 to Cassidy.

UPDATE — Landrieu’s efforts fall short of the 60 votes necessary to break a possible filibuster by the Democrats. After the failed vote, Democratic U.S. Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, asked whether the Republicans would ditch one of their own. The Hill reported that he said, “I think the question you ask is would Republicans leave somebody hanging like that on their side.”

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