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Kurds take control of Northeastern Syria

WASHINGTON — Kurdistan is slowly becoming a new reality, say analysts. Kurdish militia took control of a key oil-producing region in Syria.

Syrian Kurds hold their rifles, [1]Reuters reported [2] that the Kurds took control of parts of northeastern Syria in addition to a border crossing between Iraq and Syria, which was run by Islamist rebels.

The Kurdistan Workers Party (known as PKK) has been fighting the Turkish government for decades, cleared out al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamist resistance in the northeastern region, and links up Kurdish Iraq and Turkey with fellow Kurds in Syria. The region seized by the Kurds is 70% Kurd and 30% Arab.

The civil war in Syria is still raging, but the opposition rebels are losing ground to the Russia and Iranian-backed [3] Syrian government regime of Bashar al-Assad. It does not help that U.S. President Barack Obama backed down [4] from Russia and gave the Syrian government a “victory [5]” (as the Assad regime announced after Obama’s embarrassing diplomatic failure).