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WASHINGTON — Last week, when news of the downing of the Malaysian Airlines commercial airliner flight MH17 hit the news cycle, outrage and sadness abounded on the Internet, talk radio and TV news shows.

malaysian airlines flight 17

Now, the 298 bodies of the crash victims are finally making their way to the Netherlands, where the majority of victims lived or held citizenship. It took four days for an agreement to be reached between the Malaysian prime minister and pro-Russia separatists, where the latter is blamed for shooting down the plane with anti-aircraft missiles.

As Reuters reported, European, Australian and American leaders condemned the missile attack on a civilian airplane. Russia and pro-Russian separatists have denied any involvement or responsibility and actually blame the Ukrainian government for shooting the plane down. The separatists have control over the eastern part of Ukraine, which was where the plane was shot down.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, said that the efforts to give an investigative team from Australia were terrible. Among his remarks, he said, “But there’s still a hell of a long way to go before anyone could be satisfied with the way that site is being treated…It’s more like a garden clean-up than a forensic investigation. This is completely unacceptable.”

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