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WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton, who did not sign onto a second term as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, officially entered the 2016 presidential race yesterday.

hillary clinton benghazi hearingReuters reported that she went to a campaign event in Virginia to endorse the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, and old Clinton friend, Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe is leading conservative Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli in the polls to become the next Virginia governor. The Republicans would like to keep the governorship in their party’s hands, but incumbent Bob McDonnell has made several public relations missteps to threaten these chances.

The Democrats do not control the state assembly, as it is in Republican hands, and McAuliffe’s potential win could lead to a contentious governorship.

Clinton told supporters at the campaign event to avoid “scorched earth” politics that led to the recent partial government shutdown, but neglected to point out that her party was responsible for it. She argued that the Virginia governor’s race is a test to see whether Virginia voters will take common sense over divisive ideology, even though Clinton ignored McAuliffe’s own sketchy history.

She said, “When politicians choose scorched earth over common ground, when they operate in what I call the evidence-free zone with ideology trumping everything else, we see that families in Virginia and across the country have felt the consequences”.

Hillary Clinton has not been held accountable for her inaction over the dreadful and deadly Benghazi consulate attacks. Four Americans were killed in those attacks, which Clinton initially said was due to anger over a provocative video. The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was murdered in the attacks.

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