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WASHINGTON — Clouds of uncertainty hang over the Obama administration as its only legislative success, ObamaCare (or its official name Affordable Care Act), has been an abject failure of a program.

impact of obamacareReuters reported that several groups of individuals and small businesses have sued the Obama administration for unlawful subsidies, which are a key component of the divisive and contentious health care law.

District Judge Paul Friedman declined to grant a preliminary injunction against the subsidies, over the objections of the plaintiffs. He said the lawsuit will proceed and will rule by mid-February, overruling the objections by the administration that the basis of the lawsuit was purely speculative. Yet Reuters said that the opponents “lost a bid” to stop the subsidies, even when the lawsuit itself will proceed.

The plaintiffs, who live in states such as Texas, Kansas and Missouri, say that the subsidies impose an unlawful and unfair burden on them as individuals and small businesses to either pay up for insurance of pay a penalty.

Only 16 states out of 50 and the District of Columbia have set up the ObamaCare health exchanges. 34 other states declined to do so.

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