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Jonathan Gruber, of “Stupid Voter” Fame, Grilled before Congress

WASHINGTON — In the last House Oversight Committee hearing [1] of 2014, Jonathan Gruber appeared before Congress to apologize for his demeaning remarks about the American voter, which he had made over a span of several years to private audiences.

gruber oversight committee hearing [2]

The tapes were released only recently, and it caused significant dissatisfaction as American voters resent being called “stupid [3],” as Gruber said to one audience at the University of Pennsylvania.

The hearing also featured an independent contractor, who toed the pro-ObamaCare party line, and Department of Human and Health Services official Marilyn Tavenner. But, Gruber was the center of attention.

Gruber was asked if he thought the American people were actually stupid, which Gruber continued to reiterate he was sorry for saying that. Also, he remarked that those comments were made as a private citizen, not as a government consultant (although he was still receiving government money to consult on ObamaCare exchanges in the U.S.).

However, when prodded, he admitted that ObamaCare does have taxes included in it by law, yet he said he disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision to label the healthcare law as a tax.

Gruber was also asked if he was offended that President Obama said he didn’t know [4] who Gruber was (although Obama did say he took ideas “liberally” [5] from Gruber to create ObamaCare). Gruber said he was not offended by it since he was a consultant and advisor to the White House and nothing more.

Tavenner was asked if she knew her department fudged enrollment numbers, where dental plan enrollments were included and boosted the overall enrollment numbers. She said she did not know and apologized for it.